How to Fix Slow Charging Problem On your Mobile without any Cost


At first everyone uses the charging adapter which you get inside the box so that while charging your mobile you feel very fast and comfortable. 

But day by day you may use your friends or someones mobile charging adapter for your mobile on that time you mobile charging speed goes down slowly later few day you can notice that issue

Types Of Standards 

*Qualcomm Quick Charge 

*Samsung PPS

*USB PD ( Supports all Types of Mobile )

And more Charging  standards like DART, DASH, VOOC, etc... remains the same for their companies mobile phones

More Info,

* Don't use your mobile phone while charging because it may affect your battery health

*Close all background apps while charging so that you can get a hassle free charging 

* Switch on the Optimized charging mode on your mobile settings for better experience 

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